Euriel is dedicated to cobb!

A mother, wife, immigrant, and passionate humanitarian, Euriel Hemmerly is ready to serve the needs of Cobb County citizens. 


As an immigrant, Euriel focuses most on what we have in common, not what divides us.

By bridging the cultural gap, and listening to one another, we are ONE COBB.


Euriel has played a behind-the-scenes roll in local politics for years- now she is stepping into the spotlight to serve by running for Georgia Senate in District 33. 


Meet Euriel

A local realtor with an international vision, Mrs. Euriel Hemmerly is committed to devoting her time, energy and international experience to help sustain the Cobb County community’s climb toward world-class competitiveness.

For Euriel, mentorship and confidence-building are vital skills that she works to share broadly. She knows that a top quality school system propels rising real estate values and supports economic expansion. Euriel has been working out of the spotlight to serve her community for years. Appointed by the Cobb County School Board Superintendent, Euriel serves on the Facilities and Technology Citizens Oversight Committee which assesses and verifies Cobb County School District projects utilizing Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax funds (SPLOST).

Euriel’s service has also included work with members of the Georgia Legislature in international affairs. Her efforts have earned her numerous accolades and awards including The Empowering Women Honors Award.


Euriel Hemmerly is a philanthropist, humanitarian, and global ambassador uniquely equipped to work hand in hand across the diverse spectrum of business interests and residents alike to build a bright future for the children and citizens of Cobb County.

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EURIEL'S Motivators:

Her African Roots

Euriel immigrated to the United States from Abuja, Nigeria with her father at the age of 19. They made a home in Cobb County and Euriel has dedicated her life to helping this community ever since.


Through hard work and determination, Euriel built a life in Cobb County, owning and running several small businesses over the years. She is determined to keep working with the community to ensure all its members are represented and heard in government.

Euriel has been living, serving, and working in Cobb County for over two decades. Her impact on her community has afforded her numerous accolades and awards, including The Empowering Women Honors Award. Euriel sees the great neighborhoods, great people, and great institutes in Cobb and wants to work to continue to build upon Cobb’s excellent reputation.


As a consummate advocate for the homeless and less fortunate, Hemmerly raises awareness by aiding others in becoming responsible citizens and helping neighbors with their basic needs. Euriel continues her impact as a political influence and women’s advocate in recent positions with local government campaigns. To this end, Euriel has recently been bestowed the Humanitarian Award from the Trinity International University of Ambassadors and recognized by the City of Newark, New Jersey with a Commendation of Resolution.

Her Love For Cobb County

Childhood Education

Euriel has spent time traveling abroad in Western Africa and Jamaica to help women and children understand the importance of the role they play in their family’s lives. 


Euriel has worked closely with the Cobb School system as a parent, volunteer, and supporter, to help ensure early educational success for our kids.

Euriel is a philanthropist, humanitarian, global ambassador, and CEO & Founder of Euriel Global Network and Euriel Global Fashion. As an international relations major, Euriel has cultivated her platform while focusing on diverse issues within art, fashion, and style. 


Euriel has hosted many charitable events through her businesses, and is always looking to help her community. 

Community Service

Her Family

Euriel is a mother and wife and lives every day to live life by her motto, “Success through determination.”


Sadly, in 2020, Euriel lost her husband, Scott. She is determined to continue his legacy in the Cobb community by becoming your next Georgia Senator for District 33. Together, we can make a difference!

Euriel’s son and husband, Scott