Euriel is Dedicated to Cobb!

Vote euriel hemmerly for Georgia senate district 33

Euriel Hemmerly is committed to devoting her time, energy, and international experience to help sustain and accelerate Cobb County’s continued climb toward excellence.

Euriel hemmerly: A visionary for Cobb

An immigrant and long time resident of Cobb County, Euriel is a local realtor with a global vision, and a dedication to give back the community which has given so much to her.  


For years, Euriel has worked tirelessly to serve her community, earning numerous accolades and awards including The Empowering Women Honors Award.


A philanthropist, humanitarian, and global ambassador, Euriel is uniquely equipped to work hand in hand across the diverse spectrum of business and residential interests to build a bright future for the children and citizens of Cobb County.


Building A Bright Future for Cobb County

A Vision For Cobb

Meet Euriel

Euriel Hemmerly, is a mother, a realtor, and a community leader that resides in Marietta. After watching many residents lose their homes and livelihoods due to the pandemic, Euriel realized the lack of leadership fighting to assist residents in rebuilding Senate District 33.  She has stepped up to run focusing on listening to you and rebuilding our community.

Economic Security

Georgia small business owners deserve to rebuild their futures. Euriel supports equal access to resources and tax cuts to assist in rebuilding their businesses.  Euriel supports raising the minimum wage and improving working conditions for all Georgians.

Improving Healthcare

Euriel believes all Georgians deserve quality, accessible and affordable healthcare. Euriel is committed to working for the expansion of Medicaid. Euriel is passionate about ensuring children and families have access to mental health services.

Supporting our Schools and Teachers

She will oppose any attempts to cut funding for schools or punish teachers for teaching our students to embrace the diverse community they live within.  She supports fully funding the public schools.

Together, We'll:

Why Euriel?

Euriel will develop and implement a practical plan to offset political corruption and poverty in Cobb County. She will not be swayed by special interest groups, and is a principled person whom the people can trust.


A vote for Euriel for Georgia Senate District 33 is a vote for continued improvement to equality and justice for all Cobb citizens.